Upon signing with Downport Records, Long Island-natives Bear Success released their debut 9-track LP on July 1, 2015 entitled “Brevira”. Bear Success began as an instrumental progressive/post rock trio.Between the three members, the band filled a wide range of soundscapes and tonalities to keep you on your toes. Brevira was recorded by Daniel LeBrun (Downport Records) and mixed by Dom Nastasi and then mastered by Nicholas Starrantino at VuDu Studios. The album artwork was painted by Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive.  

Following the release of their full length album, Bear Success played a number of shows in NYC, Long Island, NJ & PA including CMJ Music Marathon 2015 and Millenium Music Conference 2016.

On December 1, 2017 they released a 2-track EP titled Dissension which was recorded & mixed by Dom Nastasi at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. These two tracks also feature Dom on drums & percussion as well after the departure of their original drummer.

After settling in with a new drummer and adding the newly discovered vocal skill of guitarist Alex Roth, Bear Success is currently writing to record new material in the first half of 2018, hopeful for an end of year release. Following the release of Dissension the band’s writing began to shift to an indie/rock sound with heavy prog instrumental influence, keeping the intricate riffs but shifting to a shorter song structure.


Album Art for debut album Brevira by Bear Success painted by Colin Frangicetto

Album artwork for  Dissension  EP designed by guitarist Alex Roth

Album artwork for Dissension EP designed by guitarist Alex Roth

"Bear Success revel in dynamics, always looks for an intrinsic flow of which the creative possibilities are everything. Each song is a progression of sorts, and feels like part of a greater whole. Yet they rarely go where you expect them to, as a succession of guitar lines, tempo changes, tone colours and aural avalanches all rise to the fore and then drop away again."  - GET READY TO ROCK UK RADIO